Tired of password resets - searching for scraps of paper  mobiVault is an easy and secure way of storing and managing confidential information using your mobile phone. Can be used for phone numbers, passwords and other information that you want easy and convenient access to, but also want to keep private and secure.
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    4 out 5 computeractive review          “extremely easy to use”
mobivault is fast, secure, very easy to use and stable. information is stored in an encrypted “vault” or database on your phone accessed by a master password selected by you. stores at least 100 records each one includes Service Name, Password, User Name and Comments. Up to 16 characters in each Includes random password generator UK company established for over 5 years. No Gimmicks. Independently reviewed Java Verified - the application has gone through the stringent java verification process set up by Sun Microsystems, Nokia and Sony Ericsson amongst others mobivault can be downloaded free from Android Marketplace
mobiVault provides a simple, safe and convenient method of storing and retrieving personal data using the mobile phone as the platform. Accessed by one master password mobiVault allows you to securely and conveniently store, modify and view all your passwords, PIN's and other data such as confidential phone numbers or account details. Our encryption expertise is widely used in Chip and PIN and Fuel Card equipment and the deployed security components have never been compromised. mobiVault has passed the Java Verified unified testing criteria
mobivault works with Android OS and most Java and Symbian phones
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